my pets

Thursday, June 26, 2008

my virtual pet

jonas brothers

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is the jonas brothers.they sing songs like sos and more.i dont know them much so until here onli.hahahaha


Cj7 is a movie about a boy name dicky,cj7 and him.cj7 is cute,adorable and funny too.hahaha.

High schol musical

This is chad,sharpay,grabrela,ryan troy and celsy.they are from movie.they sing song play baseball and more.their movie is high school musical 1 and 2.

U chun

U chun is a man.He is my Friend cousin.My friend name is Goh Poh Teeng.U chun is a singer.he travels to a different country every year.

my favourite animal

my favorite animal is the rabbit.i like it because it is cute furry and adorable and it is my zodiac too.

Nicholas Teo

Nicholas Teo is a man.He is 26 years old now.He was born in kuching,Sarawak,
Malaysia in November 29, 1981.His occupation is being an actor and a singer.he sings alot of song such as little turtle,who will you think of,tears from Polaris and more.he act in smiling pasta and more.
I have Nicholas Teo signature,Chinese name in simplified and traditional.He is a very famous man.